Learn About Roman Numerals

Are you new to Roman numerals? In this section you can learn how they work, the rules for creating them, and the process to convert numbers to Roman numbers and vice-versa.

Roman Numeral Converters

Use our Roman numeral converters to correctly transform any number to Roman numerals and vice-versa. Or convert a date such as a birthday, anniversary or memorable occasion, for a gift, card, tattoo or piece of jewelry.

Dates in Roman Numerals

Need to convert a date into Roman numerals?

Quickly translate any date with our handy Roman numeral date calculator. Simply choose a date from the calendar picker, and not only will you learn what it is in Roman numerals, we also provide a detailed explanation how the date is converted into Roman numerals, so you can learn as you research.

Roman Numeral Charts

Looking for printable charts or tables of Roman numerals?

We have compiled a useful list of 60+ popular Roman numeral charts. By clicking the print button on each chart, they are printable on all devices, or you can save as PDF on notebooks and desktop computers.

Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman numeral tattoos are a popular trend with celebrities and people in general. Individuals often select special dates such as a date of birth, or special occasion like a wedding or anniversary date for their tattoo.

There are many converters available on the internet, but not all are correct. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, use this tattoo date converter for accurate translation of dates in to Roman numerals.

Popular Roman numerals conversions

  1. XXXI = 31
  2. XXXIX = 39
  3. XXXVII = 37
  4. XXXVI = 36
  5. XXXVIII = 38
  6. XXXII = 32
  7. XXX = 30
  8. XXXIV = 34
  9. XXXV = 35
  10. MMMXXXVI = 3037

Popular number to roman conversions

  1. 2017 = MMXVII
  2. 2018 = MMXVIII
  3. 2015 = MMXV
  4. 9000 = IX
  5. 655 = DCLV
  6. 5000 = V
  7. 3000 = MMM
  8. 1999 = MCMXCIX
  9. 777 = DCCLXXVII
  10. 10000 = X