Who are we, and why this website?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all the information you need to know to correctly work with Roman numerals.

How we achieve this

We’ve invested thousands of hours creating this website and developing accurate Roman numeral converters, and in-depth tutorial articles that guide your learning process into understanding and converting to and from Roman numerals, for any purpose you need.

Our Story

In the middle of 2014, we met someone who had recently received a tattoo with Roman numerals. Unfortunately it turned out they were having it removed because it was Incorrect.

By no means was it entirely this person fault. It just happened they referenced two different websites with Roman numeral converters. Sadly the converters on both websites provided incorrect conversions.

After learning this, we decided to investigate all the websites we could find offering Roman numeral converters. Discovering over 15 that provided incorrect results, we decided to create this website and began researching and developing it in late 2014.

Come April 2015, this English version was complete. We spent a further 2-months developing the Latin American (Spanish) version, they both went live in mid-2015. In April 2017, we decided to modernise the appearance of the websites and expand the information offered to make them more concise. The Spanish website is still under modernisation and will be competed shortly. We intend on expanding into further languages this year too.