Roman numerals to Arabic number converter

Roman numerals to Arabic number converter

This tool will help you convert Roman numerals to their equivalent in normal, natural and decimal numbers, also known as Arabic numbers.

It is common to find on the internet incorrect results when it comes to Roman numerals. This tool operates on the additive and subtractive principle that the Roman numeral system used, and automatically corrects and prevents any errors being generated. For example:

  • The correct way to write 4 in Roman numerals is IV, and not IIII
  • The correct way to write 21 in Roman numerals is XXI, and not XVVI
  • The correct way to write 201 in Roman numerals is CCI, and not CVVI

This tool only accepts the following valid characters as Roman numerals: (I, V, X, L, C, D, M). Uppercase and lowercase letters are accepted.

The highest number this tool will convert is 3,999 (MMMCMXCIX). Any attempt to insert a Roman numeral greater than this will be automatically converted to 3,999 , being the highest number in the basic Roman numeral system.

Roman numerals larger than 3,999 can't be represented by the symbols on your keyboard, so if you want to translate a greater number than 3,999 , our Arabic number to Roman numerals converter can help.