Convert Roman numerals to numbers

This Roman numerals to numbers converter will tranform any valid Roman numeral combination(s) to numbers.

Enter a Roman numeral to convert it to its correct number.

This numeral converter only accepts the following valid characters as Roman numerals: (I, V, X, L, C, D, M). Uppercase and lowercase letters are accepted.

Latest conversions of Roman numerals to numbers

NumberDate and Time
MMMCLVII = 3157Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
MMIX = 2009Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
MMIII = 2003Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
MMDCLI = 2651Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
XIV = 14Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
MDCCCIX = 1809Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
CCCXVII = 317Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
LXII = 62Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
MCMXLV = 1945Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)
LXXVII = 77Oct 21st, 22:19 (BST)