Translate and learn how to read and write the centuries in Roman numerals.

In some countries centuries are represented by Roman numerals, particularly in books, documents and legal scholars, memorials, religious texts and manuscripts.

The correct way to write centuries as Roman numerals is by only using uppercase letters, and avoiding the use of lowercase letters, for example:

21st century should be written "XXI Century", not "xxi Century"

Converting centuries and decades to Roman numerals

If you need to convert a specific century to Roman numerals, or require information on how to write properly a particular decade or year that belongs to a century, consult the list below. Each link provides a thorough explanation for the conversion of each century to Roman numerals, including details for writing their corresponding decades and years in Roman figures:

If you do not find the century you were looking for, try the Roman numeral conversion tool to help you translate any normal numbers (Arabic / decimal ) to its equivalent in Roman numerals.

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